History of the "Russian State Ballet"

One can start the story of the "Russian State Ballet" Theatre of Moscow with the words of remarkable artist, People's Artist of the USSR,
a winner of Lenin and State Awards Michail Lavrovsky.

"There are plenty ballet troupes which, unfortunately, have no face of their own. It is hard to name the reason. Probably it occurs because of aspiration to the fast commercial success leading to smash hit of repertoire, garish manner of performance behind which depth is not always looked through.
Obviously not infrequently artistic directors simply cannot achieve high results though they are sincere in their wish to do so. In the "Russian State Ballet" we find a positive example. First of all it is The Theatre in the best sense of the word. The extended repertoire of the company is the result of carefully thought over strategy; it is very versatile which testifies that the troupe carefully preserves classical heritage and simultaneously is not afraid of searches and experiments. Secondly, the company is highly professional. It can cause heated arguments just because it is undoubtedly interesting. Active tours of the "Russian State Ballet" have not "stirred it up": one fails to find here elements of hack-work or desire to exploit well-established reputation. It is an alive, developing organism. And, certainly, high achievements of the theatre are indissolubly connected with the name of Vyacheslav Gordeeev who has not simply formed the "Russian State Ballet" and raised it to the international level, but also has defined parameters of creative growth".